a peek inside the great phantom ' s mind!

[ENTRY 002] sleeping EARLY this time because the great ME . . . is TIRED!!!! evil needs to rest too sometimes hehe . i dont have much to say i didnt really do anything today !?!??! i made polcos as a gift for a friend while watching my other friend edit a video for said friend . AUGHHHH SUMMER IS ALMOST OVER I JUST NOTICED. I DONT WANT TO GO BACK. THEY CANT CONTAIN ME FOREVER!!!!!!! ANYWAY! today i have come to a realization! I HATE MY PUTER!! ALL MY ENEMIES ARE IN IT!! STUPID WORLD MADE FOR HUMANS anyway i can ' t wait to spend the night with my beloved ^_^

[ENTRY 001] I HEART STAYING UP UNTIL 6 AM !! as does a robot , i probably won ' t be sleeping tonight again! i chose to pick up neocities again just because! anyway i am not tired at all so im probably gonna play yokai watch or watch precure when im done w this ! i think im gonna make polcos later today too YEA see u tom!!